THE JOB THEY DID WAS AMAZING!! I have never had better service from anyone, ever. I was looking to get my hardwood floors in my condo refinished as they were in horrible condition after being a rental property to college students for years. I didn't think there was anyway they could be saved without sanding. I had a quote for the job within hours of calling and the job they did was AMAZING! The workers that completed the job were very professional. I would hire them again in a heartbeat! A JOB WELL DONE! Thank you Bill and Debbie and DL for a job WELL DONE and your new friendship. I hope I can continue to send folks your way. A really pretty inexpensive floor re-do makes everyone happy. God Bless all of you and your business. Brenda LOVE MY FLOORS! Debbie and Bill, Thank you for thinking of me on my big day. The cake was the best surprise. Lynette P.S. I love my floors