Enter from garage into mudroom. Lockers are behind regular closet double doors to hide "messiness" but still keep them easily accessible. Not sure of exact dimensions of each locker yet. - - - - - Include hook for keys, outlets for each person's rechargeables, hooks for caps or caps go on shelf?, one or two double hooks each for jackets/sweaters or maybe multiple pegs, possibly also hooks on sides of locker dividers not just back wall for caps/purses/scarves/umbrellas/etc, see-thru plastic wall file pocket mounted on other side for mail/papers/etc, lower hook on side of divider for bookbag? (might eventually tear bag hangtab?) or sit bookbag on bottom of each locker?, music instruments sit on bottom of locker, adjustable shelves above, "junk" drawers, space for shoes & boots, bench to sit on (little ones can stand on to reach upper shelves). - - - - - On inside of one of double closet doors mount sheet metal that can take magnets, corkboard, chalkboard, and depending on width of door have mirror or full length mirror. On inside of other double door hang clear or mesh "over door shoe holder" to use for gloves, toboggans, balls, small toys, etc. - - - - - Blocking for coat hooks in mudroom lockers. Maybe toggle switch to turn off outlets when nothing is being charged - cuts power to the charging cords when not in use - because even when there's nothing to charge it draws power. Maybe - Space for a "clean laundry" basket in each locker - or (better?) baskets in laundry