The Concept of Buddha : a.TEMPLE BUDDHA BODHISATTVA b.Building c.Chinese_Particuler_Goods : Hio or DUPAs d.Chinese_Calender : Lunar & Zodiacs, Assesories 2.BUDDHAYANA 3.BUDDHA_3_DHARMA_: Workers 4.INNER_TEMPLE 5.BUDDHA_ETHICS : Attitutes counted as underlaws & appreciate : a.LIFE : Alive b.HANDS : Creativities c.SEX 6.BASICS_: a.Academics_Approach b.Office_Environments c.Public_View 7.HIGHEST : Grandparents Resting Palace 8.WEBPAGES_ACTIVITIES_: a.Population_Growth_:_3_Children_&_more b.Healthy c.Welfare d.Travels_&_Tours 9.INTER_OFFICE : Provide & Serve The Managements at Economic, HiTech & PCnets, could be as Advisors only or temporarily working as Acting Executive in The Companies. 10.R_&_D_: a.Sports b.Musics c.Arts d.Promo 11.ETC. CHAPTER II : HAPPINESS 1.STUDYING : Knowledge 2.WORKING : Salary 3.MARRIAGE : Property & Privacy 4.CHILDREN : Patrineal Regeneration 5.EXTRA_CURRICULER : Sports Musics & Arts 6.TEMPLE : a.Manage Profile b.Arrange Spirits c.Medical Care 7.VACATION : Travels & Tours 8.ENTERTAINMENTS : Friendship & Chatting CHAPTER III : ASIAN VALUES PATRINEAL LINE TRUST & Greatnames are belonging to Husbands & Fathers as Marriage & Birthness Certificates. CHAPTER IV BUDDHA manage & drive at Conservative to state The VEGETARIAN as A CHOICES or AN OPTION & NOT A MUST. Out of routintities, Buddhese have an option to provide & serve TABLEMEATS as times & conditions. a.TRADITION & CULTURE : Chinese New Years 01 to 15 Lunar, Mooncakes Nites, Dragon Boat Festival & any celebrations b.PUBLIC HODLIDAYS c.WORKING d.Entertainments