Sota sat there his hand covering Arde's mouth. Sota:What could you be planing... Orochimaru...? Arde's eyes widened and she bit down on Sota's hand. He quickly took his hand away from her mouth. Sota: Arde why... Arde: SOTA! SNAKE! BEHIND YOU! Sota picked up Arde quickly and turned his head around and saw a giant snake's head go down to where they were just sitting. He put her down somewhere in the forest and looked at her. Sota:...thanks... Arde:No prob! Sota:Am... am I scared for my life...? Arde looked at her friend. Arde:It's a natural thing to be scared for your life. Sota nodded. Sota:Alright lets rest and then go look for naruto. Arde smiled and nodded. Sota: *thinking* why... why are you here...?