Dear Maricris, Partner, Calcaneus, Princess Picky/PERFECTionist, Sleeping Beauty, Lola, Drama Queen and last but definitely not least, Shorty. It’s that special time of year known as your birthday! Today is the day the world turned a little brighter, or at least my world did. You said you weren’t expecting any gifts, so I thought I’d give you a little surprise. I remember asking you awhile back whether you liked chocolate or flowers, and you said both, so I worked my magic and voila! You get what you ask for. I know this is a birthday letter, but I might as well make it a thank you letter as well. So first off thanks for being my partner. Through all the stressful times in lab, dealing with summer school, quizzes, exams, and everything else, THANK YOU! Thanks for also being my friend Shorty. I know we always say we have each other’s backs, and whenever I say that, I really do mean it. I know this semester would have been a lot harder if you hadn’t been there to help me through it. Remember to dream big, and wish hard, because eventually those wishes will come true. Also, don’t forget to “LAUGH as much as you breathe, and LOVE as long as you LIVE.” ok I think this letter has enough emoness in it. So one last time, happy birthday, and thank you for everything Shorty! Much Love Nathan Figueroa Aka Darkness