Captain Jack Sparrow;2006-2010 A courageous and awsome pirate. A pirate he was. Born to sail the seven seas. With his riches and his two buckeneers tash and nate they sail anywhere they wanted. Captain Jack would not let other pirates get in his way or take anything from him, he would let you know quickly. Either by launching at you or bite you, he was the leader of all Pirates. He loved the mountains and would overlook the horizon to see the ocean waters below. He knew that one day he would have to face the KRAGEN from the debts below. Making friends now and then and making memories to his legacy and the history books, came that day on that evil holloween night came the KRAGEN. He threw on his best outfit guns a loaded and swords drawn went for the KRAGEN, fighting his way trough other bukeneers,went for the KRAGEN. Captain Jack faught fiercly and with every blow, but the KRAGEN was way too powerful for him. We will remember the GREAT CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW. In Loving Memory, Love Dad.