Being in town this morning I came across an acquaintance by mere accident upon a little bench. We started talking. Soon it became clear that he has resignated since already longer himself regarding the rich folks and our own role as the poor or simple people! The rich ones we agreed normally all use to stick together while we poor normally don't! "You can't change this world!" he said to me. Somehow it sounded more than frustrated. I saw it in slightly another way than him. "But we could learn it from the rich! I mean their sticking together like normally only some pitch and tar would do! And we are by far much more than them! On the long run they wouldn't possess the slightest chance against us all!" I only answered. But he only put it off with his hands. As if he wouldn't believe in such a possibility at all! (To tell you the truth like me he already belongs to the older generation just by himself, too! This generation and also the generations before them grew up and used to live under the old system and long-standing former balances of power between the very rich and the poor ones of this world since already aeons ago! You might also say since capitalism began its triumphal march all around the world and to completely overtake our societies, our normal ways of thinking and our life. And so it's extremely hard for most of us who belong to it to believe there might possibly still come something after it at all! Something that might prove to be even much better! This somehow goes beyond their own imagination!) Mark-Anton Reiter