The role of religion in our modern world in general, young folks, is a very delicate one! Believe me! Religion as something that might help you to find a sense in your life as a young man or lady and feel yourself maybe much better this way can be a very fine thing! Unfortunately it is also misused by some people quite often, too! Especially some older men very often preach some hate among those people who've got a different believe! They can come from all the religions! The Muslims got them, yet the Christians got them undoubtlessly, too! (I think we mustn't start argueing here anew with each other that indeed it might be this way, mustn't we?)! But why do I tell you all these things at all some of you might ask me now with some full right! Simply because they normally all have got something in common with each other no matter from which religion they now might come: they normally are some already older grey-haired gentlemen of over 40 and nearly always belong to the older generation! While you only seldom will find some women among them! This mainly has got something to do with the strong wish of the older ones to dominate the young generation and to rule over it! Religion also always has been a very popular means especially by the members of the older generation and some older gentlemen to control the youth just as ones thinks best through nearly all of human history! That's also one of the main reasons in my eyes why a few of them always seem to try to stir up some religious hate among yourself, the members of the worldwide young generation, as best as they can! Always totally free after the motto: "Divide and rule!" They are not really interested in some peace from their side! Why should they! Much better they can earn some money the other way! If you keep on fighting some of their wars quasi only as their representatives! And readily will die for them! Something they'll never do! Quite in contrary very often they use to lead a life in pure luxury and lavishness! Putin somehow falls into this category, too!