directly from Maxfield! ... Why, this what I'm gonna tell you all now is by far a little more serious, dear folks, like I think! And maybe, but only maybe, it might also be of some interest for the police in London (but also those in Boston or even Newtown)! In quite a similar way to what I already had said in connection with the terrible incidents in Newtown/USA already some time ago and why the case even might hint into my direction! But I might be completely wrong, too, of course, like I freely admit here! For only one or two days before the soldier was killed in London allegedly only by some "religious islamic fanatics" (something I've got some stronger doubts by now myself if it really was this way or if they maybe were not send by the international organized crime instead of it with possibly a few financial connections that eventually point into the direction of Afghanistan itself or some of the warlords there who - like everyone knows - use to make a lot of money with some cocaine trafficking or trading quite often themselves whereas I always used to tell the young folks worldwide that they better completely let their fingers just from it!) I still had twittered that "you can't do really absolutely nothing if you should encounter some true maniacs in the street all of a sudden!"(as a singer). And, what makes it still more mysterious in my eyes, already on the next day I found a big pool of blood on a public staircase nearby the station in Neustadt not really far away from my own flat! Exactly on that staircase I use to take occasionally myself on my way back home or into town! At once I thought it looks as if somebody else could directly have posted it there for you, too, my friend! This pool of blood was really extraordinarily big, I tell you, folks! Nothing of the ordinary kind if somebody asks me! So had it been maybe only some kind of warning into my own direction by somebody totally else? That the same could happen to me anytime, too? At least I think it imaginable from my side! Mark-Anton Reiter