IF YOU WANT TO HACK PRIZES FROM LOCKERZ.com TODAY CLICK "MORE INFO" +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ UDATE(1) February 1st: You no longer need to play the game. Just get over 8 points through answering dailies and signing in. As soon as you have over 8 the 00s will kick in. Keep accumulating more points. 8 points = 800, 15 points = 1500, etc... UPDATE(2) February 1st: Only use emails that have never been sent an invite. Even if you were sent an invite and never got it, it won't work. Please use completely "clean" emails to create you Zero Hack account at lockerz. The hack is currently working, and there have been no bans yet. Please rate 5 stars and post a comment for an invite. Signup URL: Main Description: Recently a new Lockerz vulnerability was discovered, it has since turned into "The Zero Hack." The hack is basically a malformed invite that allows a user to buy items for two zeros cheaper than usual. E.G, an 800 point item would cost 8 ptz. A 500 point item would cost 5 ptz... etc. However, since only 0s are removed, a 675 ptz item would still cost 675 points. I was given an invite to this hack the day it came out, and just today I was able to replicate it, making it available to everyone that wanted to use it. Because the nature of how the hack actually works is private information, being kept by myself and the one or two others that know its workings, I can see this glitch lasting at least a month. Get it while it works. Sign up at for a Zero Hack account with an unused email address. Play the ptz game, get at least 8 ptz and you're good to go. You should easily get upwards of 30 though, thus landing you a new flatscreen or whatever you're in it for. HAPPY REDEEMING BITCHES!!