Free Art lessons. Water Color Painting for beginners. Step-by-step free art lesson. In this first one you learn about the materials, in the next we will be taping the paper to the board and drawing. painting with watercolor step-by-step. For this watercolor I am using watercolor paper (special for watercolor) 140 lb. This is a video of an artist painting a watercolor view of the Ocean with a wave and birds in the sky. Free Art Lessons to become a painter as a hobby. Relax yourself painting with watercolor with easy step-by-step set of small instructions. Learn how to paint birds, flying birds in the sky. Create your own Christmas cards, just add: Merry Christmas and happy New Year to your small watercolor painting and send it as your Christmas card. Or as a Happy Birthday card, or take a digital picture and email it to your friends. Painting is the best way for calming your nerves, your anxiety. Art is the best medication for your soul. Paint watercolor with love. Art makes you free. Use your freedom to create art. Use watercolor painting to create your art, your own realm, and your own wonderful world. Please do not forget to clean up your paintbrushes. And try to continue painting again, and again. Is the only way to get it right. Take advantage of this miracle of communication: the Internet and Is totally free, and you can have the free art lessons any time, and wherever you want to paint. ENJOY.