The sedorians are a mutated spicies that came to be on Terrahypt and are distinguished by their Blueish hair and eyes. Being composed mostly to the Tirronians, the Sedorians have all of their origans, which are like human origans, but enhansed to provide imortallity, even the gender spesific genitals. They even have their ability to create artifical eggs at the palm of their hand. being composed to cyrathilians as well, they also have the Lytvyria and Spatia origins. The apperences and traits of the Sedorians differ on their alligment. Evil: Their hair is colored dark blue/black. Their ears are longer and curve downward. Their eyes have black in place of the white and their eries have a hollow looking feel. They always wear black and blue. Few refere these Sedorians as keigorians, sense the first 2 known, Fuzasia and Mekillamorph reside at DarkKeigan due to their exile. Neutral: They maintain their default white and blue colour sceme. Their eyes are as normal as Terrian eyes, and have short, pointy ears, similar to Terrana's. They always wear white and blue. They are always refered by the the name of their race. Good: Their hair is colored aqua/white. Their ears are longer and curve upward like cyrathilian ears, and the pupals in their eyes are hallowed out into a thin ring. They always wear white and aqua. Few refere these Sedorians as Azurorians sense it is uncommon for them to interfere in fights. At the present day, none of the infomation of the sedorians can be provided as their is only one to exist as of today, which is Alfa and it was just recently that the species was discovered. (originally made by sky543210 on youtube.)