Alexander Chen, among the worlds leading painters of captivating city scenes, enchanting landscapes and memorable landmarks, has received worldwide praise for his colorful and exciting works of art with increasing popularity in the United States, Asia and Europe. Chen is a man of two lands and two cultures, for which he is most proud and thankful. The Artist was born in Guangzhou, China in 1952. At the age of 4, Chen first showed his love of art with a series of drawings and continuously developed his talent and vision as he moved through the many changes which entered his life. When the Artist was 16 he moved to the countryside where, as a farmer, Chen learned to love the land and admire its beauty. By the time he was 26, Chen studied with the most prominent Chinese masters, for the next decade and a half at various art schools and colleges in China including the Arts and Crafts School at Guang Dong, the Central Academy of Art and Crafts and the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. In addition to nurturing his craft, Chen met and married his wife, Su, also artist, the mother of Brandon, Chens son. As he traveled throughout much of China during the 1980s, Chen quickly developed a reputation as one of Chinas most successful/young artists, whose works won awards, were published by the most coveted China art magazine, Fine Arts, were collected by provincial and national art museums and were selected for display by the National Art Exhibitions of China. His talent and accomplishments were recognized when he was awarded membership in the National Artists Association of China, a true honor. In the late 1980s, the Chen family moved to Northern California. Since then, Chen has created his artwork, titled Alexanders World, a series of modern life in his adopted country, the United States. The exciting cityscapes of life in New York, New Orleans, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago are amazingly popular as are his heart-rending tributes to American landmarks and icons such as the Grand Canyon, Yosemite Park, the Statue of Liberty and Times Square. Also, the Artists renderings of American landscapes like Napa Valley, California have received great acclaim and have resulted in his collectors visiting these places. Like many immigrants, Chen sees only the beauty and opportunity afforded by his adopted country. He fell in love quickly with America the Beautiful and has translated this adulation for the United States into paintings which reflect deep feelings for its bustling cities, majestic countrysides and wonderful people. Chen is honored that so many people, of all ages and stripes, collect his artwork, whether it is a painting, graphic work or something as simple as a puzzle. He finds this as a reward in itself recognition of the passion he has put into his artwork in painting his new, beloved country as a land of beauty, appreciated and shared by all. Chens works of art have been collected or licensed by the following individuals, companies and charities: Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Selover, Betsy Cantor, Edgardo Viste, Toshiba Electric, Northwest Airlines, Shin Nippon Co., Impact Photographics, The Canada Group, FSG Crest, Second Nature Software, Time for Lyme, UNICEF and various art trade magazines. Photo by Phil Parmet.