Although Scott Jacobs drew pen-and-ink illustrations for his school newspaper, Scott began his career in art not with his painting, but by buying a failing gallery at nineteen with money he saved from working odd jobs. At twenty-one, Scott had the cash and customer base to open Reflections On Canvas Gallery in Westfield, N.J., a gallery that met with much success. After receiving a set of paints from his wife for Christmas, Scott turned back to painting. On the suggestion of a friend, Scott merged his love of motorcycles with his artistic talent. At this point, Scott became the first officially licensed Harley-Davidson artist and began painting the images that continue to amaze Harley-Davidson enthusiasts worldwide. Depending on the size, each painting takes Scott more than one hundred hours to complete. Scott uses a brush with a tip the size of a pencil point to create the details that render his work photo-realistic. Scott's motorcycle work has been featured in VQ Magazine, American Iron, Art Business News, Easy Rider Magazine, Airbrush Action Magazine as well as a host of other publications. His work is collected by celebrities such as Peter Fonda, Lorenzo Lamas, John Elway of the Denver Broncos, and Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz. Photo by Phil Parmet.