Pl ,I invented Ruhel sensor , Nobel - Ruhel -Far-Brain -Sensor, Ruhel word converter attach in scanner, Handy Ruhel -Micro -GC/MS, Ruhel New to anti -chemical terror ,Pl I have 75% in Physics 1989 – BSc, 2 year +70% overall physics BSc, I have four publications anti terror ,anti explosive at IUPAC, ,National research council Canada = ,Canadian society for chemistry =CSC ,SAM-2006 , ,…,I have two publications against Al-Qaida , one against LTTE =South Indian in ME=Gulf !? , few against Hindutava terror groups ,which came from real life in India !!?? Please I got nominate for **The William T. Pecora Award.*2006,2007 , Its for remote sensing Technology, ,Pl Its NASA Award , ,Pl I am Indian minority +OBCs=Other backward class - scientist ! ,Pl I am one of the reviewer in J . Schizophrenia Research ( www. from May 2007 . Please recently in 2008 March , my one paper=Abstract got selected in prime conference of royal society of chemistry = Analytical Research Forum 2008=concern Anti terror .and sensor . Note : Please I am getting (1) Complimentary NASA Magazine= NASA Tech Briefs = digital edition = NASA’s best new inventions , ,FROM COMSOL = (2) Defense Tech Briefs= digital edition . Also from COMSOL ,from past 2.5 years . (3) Nature Photonics ,digital edition from nature publication group ,from past 2.0 years . these all are gift to my scientific brain , from these groups +NPG ,they know about above Resume =my scientific career , future .my real life social science case . , Ruhel date 08-01-2009 Udaipur –Raj India . note : Pl I was facing continuous -forced unemployed ness+ high –torture, discrimination +forced virgin =no sex !! ,from Feb. 2003 to till 22 Jan 2008 ! =continuous 5 years in India !!? please even I have ~10 years vast experience as analytical chemist =chemistry , pl I am Indian minority +OBCS=other backward class - scientist ! , pl I have 75% in physics 1989 – BSc , 2 year +70% overall physics BSc, I have four publications anti terror ,anti explosive at IUPAC =WWW.IUPAC.ORG, WWW.IUPAC2003.ORG ,PITTCON ,DHS , WWW.RSC.ORG/ARF08 = Analytical Research Forum 2008 =total 16 international level publication, even Indian was not given me un jobs it self ?? pl my UN JOBS , IDS=rchisty90 , my password = 1458253 ,even I am Indian minority +OBCS=other backward class scientist. we are facing harassment in our birth nation =Hindu democratic nation ,then me=gulf countries also !! to get progress , career , prospects in USA ,EUROPE , from India and me… please if I can not got job in USA ,EUROPE ,from India ,me=gulf , then who !!???????? from past 8 years !!???? ,I found that these Saudi based internet cafes administrators are deleting and adding unwanted things in my un jobs application process , where 3900 words required to filled in every application why you apply for that job ,!! its when I have my complain in UN from 2003 ,2003 it self , or 1999 ,2000 it self !! its when I faced continuous 5 years forced unemployed ness !! while during this 5 =five years forced unemployed period ,I got wound at my down foot ,due to every day walk up to 24 kms to apply for jobs at internet ,b’se no money to have internet at home ! there also this Hindu nation internet café s administrator were hacking my emails , deleting jobs ,adding unwanted things , and keeping me forced unemployed ! and they were getting full support of Hindu Inelegancy ,its when I was paying every time money !!?? now due to this 24 Km every day walk up to 5 years continuous , I have Join problem ,I am feeling pain when I am going to up steer ! =violation of U.N.G.A RES. 1904(xviii) =racial discrimination , violation of U.N.G.A Res 55/89 =torture , violation of U.N.G.A Res .217a (Iii) =Human Rights , violation of 226 U.N.T.S 3 bonded labor with out salary ,=forced unemployed ness to continuous 5 years !!?? while these Indian were torturing me=Ruhel Chisty =RChisty , up to extreme of inhuman level ,from past 11 months of my work – life + life in Saudi Arabia at sabic =Saudi Kayan =Jubail industrial city as these people are there 40-50% of total work force !!?? this job I Join At January 2008 ,these people intension was clear that I =Ruhel Chisty should not have to job in hand ,and no -money in hand !! and I Have to face these democratic people in Dubai ,Saudi Arabia=Gulf =me also and as my birth is in this Hindu Rich – Nation=India , so these people human society , think me as there property !!!?? while I do not meet with my kid=F. Chisty ,from past 1999 to till now ,as Indian religion -laws ,have complexity ,while his age is now 12 years ,this is also one torture to person like me ,root birth , in this Hindu nation =India !!!?? while 1.25 b , Indian’s are telling them self competitor of China in Games =Olympics ,technology =defense ,missile ,space ,Tech-Products sell at world wide ,honesty , social science , economic science !!? while Indian , activities are just like Old USSR !! many nation separate from that USSR b’se that KGB of USSR was doing kill like today’s RAW,MI,IB of India !! while in my case I do not want to be property of Indian ! as I am UN resolution 217(3) A human being , I am thinking as same what old separated part huge human of USSR were thinking !!?? while in this Hindu nation I did not get single call from IIT’s ,IISC ,DRDO ,ISRO , Indian ministry , its civil servant !! while Indian defense top posts =scientists + other are with Hindus only , the minorities are for only lowest posts=starting posts !! from past 2 days this Hindu nation citizen =BSNL ,RAW ,IB ,MI are deleting my IDs ,password in USA Defense =jobs fair = Corporate Gray Online , while this organization higher official know about me =my case ,my list of publications +work ,b’se they know that I put my real life case what I mention above ,at world bank publication ,and research division ,RSC ,ACS , RACI , UN ,UNSC ,UNPAN , And top most = USA first minority - President = respected Barack Obama level , !!?? thought emails ,faxes ,courier =FedEx ,from Saudi Arabia =Jubail ,where one South Indian minority was in charge of FedEx –Jubail city branch !!?? not from India !!?? as I know about this nation=India , name in honesty ,democracy both at international level !!?? Ruhel Date 08-01-2009 Udaipur –Raj India Note : Please I have a recommendation from respected Sarah Reybuck Technical Staffing at Rohm and Haas Company , that I have a fine record of achievement, and could make a positive contribution to Rohm and Haas Company and they encourage me to visit Careers Website at for future suitable openings at Rohm and Haas Company. please submit an electronic copy of my resume. It will then be available when you perform future database searches for specific talent. Ruhel date 21-12-2008 India Note : Sir my first paper =abstract = New Gas chromatography instrument RChisty (P-15) at EAS selected by respected J.L. Martin ,Jr Exxon Mobil Biomedical sciences Inc ,( He was Chairman of GC And GC/MS Poster session ( 41st Eastern Analytical Symposium & Exposition New Jersey November 18-21, 2002 , Note : Please I have a recommendation from respected Jane Dell’Amore (= =National academies of science ,USA , Manager for Promotions and Outreach Fellowship Programs Office Research Associateship Programs , to apply for applying for an award, with proposed research Adviser at the Laboratory ,at , While I got email from Prof J.D. Robert at Caltech ( , that your experience is indeed extensive . Ruhel date 08-01-2009 Udaipur –Raj India