1.8m x 600 x 600 and around 700Litres total volume inc. sump. Lit by an Arcadia Luminaire with 3x 250w Metal Halides, 1x 58w white marine and 1x 58w blue actinic lamps (total of 866watts). It's home to a Sohal Tang, Blonde Naso Tang, Regal Tang (yes he's called Dory), Koran Angelfish, 2x Clarki Clownfish, Ocellaris Clownfish (of course called Nemo, a Coral Banded Shrimp and some Christmas Tree Worms. Filtration is handled through a Reef Octopus NW200 skimmer inside the sump and around 80/100Kg of live rock. Flow by 2x Sunsun streams at 12,000 LPH each (24,000 LPH and still feel i need more), heating's taken care of by a 300w Jager.