Carpet Cleaning Chicago | Green Carpet Cleaning Carpet Cleaning that rejuvenates; Despite the amount of time you might spend vacuuming and spot cleaning, nothing gives you that deep down clean you're after like carpet cleaning in Chicago Land from ServiceMaster Disaster Cleanup Services. We'll leave your carpets looking fresh and new, your upholstery spotless and your floors gleaming. On top of that, our carpet cleaning are guaranteed. So if the job isn't done to your satisfaction, we'll do it over. ServiceMaster Disaster Cleanup Services provides deep down cleaning services for carpets, floors, upholstered furniture, tile and grout. The special cleaning processes we use in our carpet cleaning can refresh your flooring and furniture so you can enjoy using them longer. Whether you're relocating in or out of a new home, arranging your home for guests or simply need to give your home a deep down cleaning, contact the experts at ServiceMaster Disaster Cleanup Services in Cook County, Illinois for carpet cleaning you can rely on. Our green carpet cleaning services: •Reduce Environmental Impact •Use odorless and solvent-free products •Use products free to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) •Offer less detergent residue to help keep carpets and fabrics cleaner longer •Have the approval of leading environmental organizations Call or complete our online form to request a quote on carpet cleaning in Chicago land from ServiceMaster Disaster Cleanup Services.