Hello, My name is Tatoosh Meadows. I got my name from a resort at the foothills of Mt Rainer in Packwood, Washington. One day the people who owned my mommy could not take care of us or find homes for me or my brothers and sisters. They dumped all seven of us together out in the woods next to a gravel road that was close to Tatoosh Meadows Resort. It was nice in the daytime but really cold at night. We all huddled together next to a big log at night to sleep. We were there a long time and I was getting hungry. We were just little kittens and were starting to feel really bad. My brothers and sisters were sneezing and had this white stuff in their eyes. On the third day something big was going on. A bunch of people were driving by with presents and some had dogs. I could smell fish and other good stuff cooking but did not know where it was. These big hawks kept flying overhead and we were afraid to go down the road. We heard a bunch of music and people but nobody came back down the road until midnight. I could not stand it anymore. When I heard a car, I ran out into the middle of the road faced the car and meowed really loud, "Help we are hungry over here!" A nice couple from Montana picked us up, put us in a box and carried us back to the party. It was their son's wedding party. Everyone was so nice and celebrated even more when we arrived. They put us near the warm fireplace and gave us water and salmon. We were so happy. Today four of my brothers and sisters live together in Washington state, not too far from Mt Rainer. Three of us moved far away and three of us are named Tatoosh Meadows. Tatoosh means arrows or the arrow people. We all have people to take care of us now. http://www.tmcproperties.com/rental.cfm?id=42