,, Romeo Richards, Where do you think the majority of the people who shoplift from your store live? Answer: About 5 to 7 miles radius from your store. Where do many of your employees live? Answer: About 5 to 7 miles radius from your store. If your employee and shoplifters live in the same community, eat in the same restaurant, swim in the same pool and play football together, can you really trust all of your employees? This video is suitable for individuals involved with the following terms:retail technology, epos cardiff, search technology for travel sites, uk retail, locker service, uk pharmacy magazines, it outsourcing, technology magazine, internet retailing expo, uk retail technology, payment provider, screen media expo, annual online fraud survey, social commerce, retail technology us, luxury shopping offers, cart abandon rates, pci compliane, same day delivery, corporate prepaid cards, retail technology magazine, tacori 18k925 collection, internet retailing, online marketing manager, social shopping, mobile marketing, mac based inventory, retail systems forum, html5 mobile site, affiliate