HELP THE ELDERLY (LIKE ME)!!! Tell me, an 83 year old woman, what makes the stock market go up and down so quickly? How does the IRS decide how much can be added or subtracted from the revenue I bring home? Explain what that gibberish translates to! In every organization, there are an exceptional few who by their long term commitment, loyalty, and guidance, help the elderly (like me) understand and untie those words and phrases jumbled within a presentation. Don Shephard (Retirement Square), is indeed one of those who wants and succeeds to show a client what he/she NEEDS not what he needs (to make his quota). Kit (and Don) Holdt - Cambridge, MD Sign me up, young man. D. Townsend Rosemarie Wagner Pasadena, MD Maryland has 18 different Companies offering 11 different Medicare Supplement (also called Medigap) Plans. Which Company, which plan is best for you? Most important, we listen!