This is a survival knife that was sold surplus to the public by the military. As you can see this knife has been in storage in its original packaging for several years and were never issued out to servicemen & women. I bought a case (12) of these knives and the box was opened in front of me. The knives had been stored in the original leather sheath which was covered with the original plastic from the manufacturer. In the plastic there is also the original lanyard cord wrapped in the original paper, and the sharpening stone made by Norton Pike which is stored in a pouch on the sheath. Some of the knives have some small scratches, broken snaps and slight surface rust due to being stored for 27 years however they are new and unused. The case cardboard box and the sheath is dated 12/83 however the butt of the knife is stamped “Camillus N.Y. 10-1983”. This knife is a collector’s item for knife and military collector. The manufacturer Camillus Cutlery Company was one of the oldest knife manufacturrs in the United States with roots dating back to 1876. The company manufactured Camillus branded knives and was a prolific contractor for other knife brands up until its last days in 2007 when the company filed for bankruptcy. Sadly Camillus closed it doors in February 2007, bring to an end this fine old brand that has yet to be fully recognized for its contributions to the cutlery industry spanning across parts of 3 centuries, from 1876 to 2007. I know some collectors like items as original and undisturbed as possible. Please indicate if you would like the broken snaps repaired or left as is.