CELESTE AS DELIVERED house model 4 BEDROOMS / 1 FAMILY ROOM / 3 TOILET and BATH TYPICAL LOT AREA : 80 square meters HOUSE AREA : 120 square meters HOUSE FEATURES Three (3) Storey Four (4) Bedrooms, One (1) Family room, Three (3) Toilet & Bath Living Area, Dining Area, Kitchen Area Service/ Laundry Area, Provision for Carport Provision for Front Lawn, Provision for CATV, Telephone and Aircon unit HOUSE FINISH Brick Roofing, Powder Coated Cathedral Window Cast and Place Construction system, Painted Exterior and Interior walls Complete with Granite Fine Tiles - Ground Floor Granite Finish Tiled Flooring - 2nd Floor Tiled Kitchen counter, Fine Stainless Kitchen sink Tiled Bathroom Flooring, Nice Bathroom Fixtures, Water closet For details: http://besthomes.page.tl/CELESTE.htm FOR FREE HOUSE VIEWING / FREE TRIPPING TO THE SITE: Call/Text/Email: TEL 02-3593822 *046-4244942 * SMART 09295307401 * 09206431345 *GLOBE 09063795951 *SUN 09323627959 *rnvrealtyph@gmail.com * best.homes@yahoo.com