Wow! that is all I can say about this one. 25 years without a scratch on my driving record and along comes "Mr. Bondo Lights". If you are distracted for a second, that is all it takes for trouble to take over. Mr. Bondo, cuts 3 lanes to get behind a turning car, and slams on his brakes without any indicator lights to alert the general public of his actions. I don't know why he covered his OEM Tail Lights. Could be to trick out his ride? Or trick other motorist when he makes abrupt stops. The driver who actually hits the other vehicle in the rear is charged with the violation. If I were in his shoes and sort of am, working on cars and trucks is cool. Making your ride stand out from the crowd, showing off your hard earned accomplishment, But... finish the darn job before you take it out on the most congested road in Ocala at lunch time! Geeeezze. If you notice, he hand signaled at the right turned when he remembered he had no lights. Different than when he flung across the 3 lanes and abruptly stopped. This production contained footage (black and white) from hidden mounted camera and (colored) footage from the aid of my passenger. The production took about 2.5 hours from start to finish. I recommend watching it in HIGHER RESOLUTION and moving the volume way past the old fart mark! I have so much more stuff coming real, real soon! Stay tuned! Bill Check out the forum on our MY SPACE PAGE! Link provided on the main channel of safedriverpro. I NEVER DRIVE WITH A CAMERA IN MY HANDS! EVER! NO EXCEPTIONS SO DON'T GO THERE. Thank you for taking the time to view my material and for contributing to my forum. The Subjects in this series are "Most Wanted" OFF OUR STREETS and on the bus where they belong. Black and white footage from mounted cameras. Color footage from Passenger side of vehicle only, no exceptions. Footage taken from the Marion County Greater Ocala Area. Stretching from the Villages/Belleview to Orange Lake and The Forest to Dunnellon. All subjects are caught in the act of displaying total lack of respect to the law and to the welfare of those sharing the road around them. PLEASE think of others when you drive. Courtesy can't kill you.