This video means alot to me because is what I repersent, the children and St. Jude. I am sorry some of the texting was mess up, this was video I ever made. Now foe any body wonder Shovite is french and it`s my middel name. I am part of the St. Jude as well I am a sponser. I really love to be part of their team it`s wonder to help them through rough times. Yes that is Danny Thomas in the middel of the video, he is a founder of St .Jude in 1962. He is a singer, dancer, actor and comedian. He died in 1991. His daughter that you see is Marol Thomas she is an actress she took over after her father died. The other pictures is Michael Jackson and his Ex wife Lisa Marie for those who don`t know her because I can`t spell her name right I am sorry for that, she is the duagther of Elivs a famous Rock and Roll and Gospel sinder. He also met Danny Thomas in the 60`s I think. Michael and Lisa vist St . Jude. Michael always supported chiildren with cancer and AIDs I want to say that I am thankful that he visted there and brought joy to those children and Lisa for being there R. I . P MJ and R. I . P Danny Thomas . I love that all the other stars help to it`s a wonderful thing. I was 17 last year when I join ST. Jude. I am 18 now and I am bless to be part of it Children with Cancer and AIDs is a very serious program but with ST . Jude alot of servivel rate went up. Hope you like the video let me know what you think.