Nightkit-Tom kitten of Mountainclan. He is a blackish brown tabby with green/brown eyes. His personality is: Fierce, protective, and loyal. He loves being trying to be the boss of the clan, and sometimes is a bit pushy, getting his sister(Pebblenose) and Hawkclaw to stop bickering. Mother is Sleetpelt, Father is Smoketail. Nightkit's siblings are: Pebblekit. I made the cats to help organize our clans a bit and picture them while playing. Me and my friend play Wolfquest, and our game name will always be MUwarriorcatsRP. MU stand for Made-up and RP stands for roleplaying. If you're interested, you may be able to catch us online. I'm Zalmirra362, and my friend Nightmare29. This is not my cat I found it on Diaviantart and colored it a little differently. Why, to help picture the cats better when we were playing, and to make them look more like the real cat we're thinking of.