Pebblekit-She-cat kitten of Mountainclan. Her fur is a beautiful brown and white striped color and her eyes are brown. Her mother is Sleetpelt and her father is Smoketail. Pebblekit's silbings are: Nightkit Her personality is: Brave, cheerful, show-off and wise. She likes be the center of attention, and alot of the tom cats from all clans like her, but Hawkclaw gets in the way and takes the attention of others away from her. I made the cats to help organize our clans a bit and picture them while playing. Me and my friend play Wolfquest, and our game name will always be MUwarriorcatsRP. MU stand for Made-up and RP stands for roleplaying. If you're interested, you may be able to catch us online. I'm Zalmirra362, and my friend Nightmare29. This is not my cat I found it on Diaviantart and colored it a little differently. Why, to help picture the cats better when we were playing, and to make them look more like the real cat we're thinking of.