Sistah J is better known for her poetry and humorous satire. Though she studied art in school, she kept it to herself and never shared it until 1998. However, she only used some of her art as backgrounds for her poetry on her Geocities web page. It was to be more than 10 years before she would make a decision to to her work for sale. It took a car accident which bought about the lost of her job and her insurance's company refusal to pay her LTD benefits, to bring her to this point. Abstract art became a passion with her when she was only 13 years old. Now after more than...well...after more than 30 years, she has decided to make a go of making a living at being an artist. Her medium is digital. Much thought and feeling going into every piece she does. When you look at her work, it will grab you just as much (and sometimes more) as it would if you were looking at watercolor or oil. Please browse right now. If you spot something you just have got to have then by all means send payment via PayPal to All works on canvas are digital originals and are carefully packaged for shipping via FedEx.