Sakura Publishing, an independent book publishing company located in Hermitage PA (near Pittsburgh), is not a traditional publisher and not a vanity press but something different. They are one of the best Pittsburgh publishing companies around. Started by Derek Vasconi, a musician and author turned CEO, the message to both authors and readers looking for something compelling to read is the same: Think unique. Sakura Publishing offers real stories by real people, as their titles range from Dealing with Tourette Syndrome (as discussed in Touretties, by author Chris Mason) to one girl's crazy sexual trysts in college (Stephanie Goldman's Did I Really Do My Hair For This?) and also has several poets they have put out, including Sharday Cage's Death of a Black Star and 17 year old Almney King's The Valley of Anchor. Sakura's future is looking bright as well, as titles that will be released soon include a book from CNN Journalist Gina London, who talks about her young daughter Lulu and her crazy quotes (Similar to Sh*t My Dad Says), and Movie Actor Jeremy London, who was the main star in the Kevin Smith movie Mallrats and tv star of 7th Heaven and I'll Fly Away. For prospective authors looking for a home, Sakura Publishing offers authors a chance to get premium services with editing and book cover design and website construction at an affordable cost, but that is as far as it goes for an author to pay anything, as Sakura does all the marketing and distribution and is highly interested in finding authors who are promoting themselves and also their books as much as possible to combine with Sakura Publishing's own marketing efforts. It's a win-win. Visit today for more details!