One of those people are AMBER Is truly someone that i never want out of my life, i simply couldn't live without her. She's keeps me sane for the most part, and knows how to make me smile even when i had the shittiest day. Always loving and accepting, shes has taught me so much in life. She taught me the meaning of love, when i never thought that feeling would ever live once again in my heart. She came along and set all my emotions on fire, she taught me patience and understanding. Just i cant describe everything she has done for me, but i know that every night i go to bed thinking about her and hoping that we WILL be friend forever... This is the best friend that i could ever ask for. We have been to hell and back, and held each others hand the whole time. She's the only person i can talk to when im pissed off, and one of the few people to see me cry and she just held me. We can talk about the stupidest shit, and then sit and have a heart to heart. She is always going to be a part of my heart, and no one is ever going to take her away from me. I love AMBER. haha, but were getting tats of it A♥B :]. We color, and have snowball fights. And watch movies till we pass out on top of each other surrounded by popcorn and candy. And i put my cold-DEAD! vampire hands on her to wake her up, i give her piggy back rides and she tries to give me them but im too Short :P. We like to throw fruit snacks and try to make them in each others mouths. But the best moments with this girly is when she opens up and lets me see her heart. She has the most beautiful heart and you would be honored to call her a friend