Nowadays, robes and capes will not be as faddish back in the day. But When used in a Royalty, Vampire or Renaissance costume, it might combine beauty, class and refinement to your costume. This part inside our Accessories Department is specialized in your cloaking needs. We have every cloak which fits a great costume. Sporting a Vampira Costume this Halloween? We've got covered inside our massive collection of Capes, available in several designs and materials. Crushed Velvet Capes helps draw out more elegance into a Royalty Costume while a Cloak adds mystery into a Renaissance Monk or even an elf Costume. Dark Robes dignify a devilish or even an Alien costume. Witches and warlocks will definitely look more magical using a cape. You will find there's a lot more that you're able to do with one of these Hoodies. With our Robes and Capes, you're on the move to capture the magic of of one's costume. Get wrapped now!