Set of four plates. California Pottery, Poppytrail Division, Second Provincial Shape. 10 5/8" diameter, mustard rim, brown and mustard fruit center. First issued in 1961 and discontinued in 1970. Excellent used condition with no chips, cracks or crazing. Replacement value $8.99 each plate. Vintage Advertising -- (1960's Metlox Brochure) "Golden Fruit - Hand decorated in honey browns, cinnamon and spice -- plus neutral shades of gold to blend happily with all Provincial and Early American -- as well as contemporary furnishings!! A delight to view ------ a delight to serve on for guests or family." Historical Data-- The beginning of Metlox Manufacturing Company dates back to 1927 in Manhattan Beach, Ca when Willis and T. C. Prouty became interested in producing the ceramic portion of neon signs.Metlox Manufacturing Company was incorporated in the state of California in 1933. Metlox Manufacturing Company's incorporation was terminated on January 4, 1988. (CDS1-002)(0613)