California Pottery. San Clemente shape. Artist: Elliott House. Brown & Yellow leaves on a beige background. 6 1/4" diameter, excellent used condition. The backstamp shown is on one of these and the others have a different back stamp. Replacement value $6.99 each plate. Sherwood was issued from 1958 - 1965. Historical Data -- Vernon Kilns was established in 1931 when Faye Bennison purchased the old Poxen China Facility. They operated from 1931 until bought by Metlox in 1958 to become their Vernonware division.. Vintage Advertising -- METLOX BROCHURE (1958)- Warm touches of gold,bronze and brown in a smart leaf design on a beige textured background make Sherwood just right with the fashionable modern woods of your dining room E3-570(0613)