How does it work? You likely already have programs like Windows Media Player, FireFox and Microsoft Office. Our Program isn't different than any other program. Its as easy to install as any other program and its completely harmless. The program works automatically, and will not interfere with other programs at all. It also won't bother you with annoying pop-ups. You won't even notice a difference in your computer's performance after you install our program. In fact the only thing you will notice because of our program is the increased size of your wallet. Coingeneration is a site that allows you to earn by doing nothing....The software they provide helps them to analyse Weather,Biochemical issues(DNA) and satelites orbits. The project is hudge and donot miss the chance to start earning. Read their FAQ ans TOS ,all of your questions can be answered there.You can Find some payments proofs below. Basically you earn 30$ - 2970$/month if you invest. You start with a trial thread and then you buy another one or you quit program. Its up to you. Good Luck. How does it work? 1. register just here: from web page - the program 3.restart your computer 4.on web- choose "ticket". , choose new ticket and send this messeage /I want a trial thread please/ 5.on PROFILE - on chat nickname - write your name - on phone - write mobile phone without 0 at pho - at bottom push SAVE received code in GSM. on next day you can enter it, on same page (5.) on right on phone click on verify.