WWW.TANGOADAMOR.COM This tango video is argentine tango show 2006 with Miriam Larici & Hugo Patyn - Watashi -tango performance 2006 performing argentinian tango and raising autism awareness by dancing tango with original tango music and tango dance. The next benefit event will be this year 2008 in November at the Wilshire Theatre in Beverly Hills. The production will be called "Tango Admor". The world's leading lady of tango, Miriam Larici brings to you the dream of tango 2 through her Los Angeles de Tango - international tango festival & fiesta with www tango show Tango Adamor and tango milonga or milonga tango. Miriam Larici appeared in the original Broadway production FOREVER TANGO and stayed with the show for ten years as the principal dancer and the face of the show. Tango dancers as we say in spanish el tango argentino dance tango in tango ballroom wood floor with tango milonga and tango practica. Three day festival you can watch all tango and make tango videos or video tango, take tango pictures and listen to a great tango song or many tango songs with live tango music. If you like salsa tango, tango ballroom, tango songs, you can watch all of our tango videos and also tango pictures. Tags associated with this video are: the tango,tango argentino,argentine tango,el tango,tangos,tango video,tango music,tango dance,tango argentin,salsa tango, tango festival,tango show,dance tango,tango 2,tango salsa,tango dancers,tango milonga,tango dancing,argentina tango, new tango,tango shows,forever tango,dancing tango,videos tango,tango video,argentinian tango,argentino tango,milonga tango, tango ballroom,video tango,tango videos,argentin tango,tango pictures,tango song,tango songs, tango tango,www tango,www tango com