This is a *LOW COST* highly efficient ultra fast Nike and Footlocker Shoe Auto Grabber | Sniper | Add to Cart | Bot ( Google Chrome Extension ). It checks for latest tweets from Shoe Stores about Latest Shoe releases, and if it finds one, it detects url in the tweet immediately adds shoe(s) with specified size and quantity to the cart. It is highly optimized to work faster: It continuously checks for latest tweets from shoe stores using AJAX, which is faster than usual and less traffic usage. It doesn’t wait for complete loading full page , which makes the process more faster. The whole process takes place in just 5-10 seconds. Features: 1) Less traffic consumption 2) High speed and efficiency 3) Monitor any twitter account 4) Can be restricted to specified keywords 5) Multiple Shoes can be added 6) Easy pick up shoe size from dropdown 7) Support for NEW Footlocker website, and NIKE For more info and download links, visit: