okay so this is a youtube vid i made a few days ago. youtube took the song away so i uploaded it here and i put a watermark on it for thoose b*tches wanting to steal my work!!! and if you are wondering why the watermark says larxene thats bcuz my youtube account is TheOfficialLarxene anyways here is the youtube description---- okay so another quick vid i made before i had to go to school. i had to reuse clips alot but PLZ no bad comments about that! the story---- Axel thinks/sings about the past after roxas and xion died. (the black and white scences are axel's memories) song---photograph artist---nickelback...? clips---kh-vids & kh13 I DO NOT OWN KINGDOM HEARTS AND/OR DID I DRAW THE FAN-ART IN THE VID!!!!! rate! comment! fave! ~Larxene