As cars populate the cities all around the world, so does the air pollution worsen. Your car can pump out Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxide, Nitrogen, Sulfur Dioxide, Water and worse still, particulate matter (unburnt fuels). Did you know that in 2 minutes, your car's exhaust gases can fill up a weather baloon? Fossil fueled vehicles can be the worst polluters around the world and yet, despite carmakers making new cars less polluting, there are more cars and more traffic to follow. There are cities all around the world that have seriously bad traffic congestion all because of people using cars than public transport. By understanding this image, it will encourage city dwellers to think twice before using their cars. And other than reducing congestion, city dwellers can save money on fuel and maintenance costs. Public transport is considered cheaper and they can take you to your destination. Cars are more convenient but traffic kills that benefit.