The first of the variation cards, the #129 Lee Walls. The card on the left is the Lee Walls facing left, or Lee Walls in Philadelphia Phillies pin stripe uniform, also a grenn tint card. See how the picture is out of focus and the weird looking flesh tone, also the green sky in the background. The card on the right is the Lee Walls facing right, or Lee Walls in Chicago Cub road uniform, or plain uniform. Notice how much more in focus this card is comparitively and the normal background sky. These are the keys to picking out green tint cards from the normal or corrected issue cards. Also, just as a side-note the card on the left has Philadelphis's Connie Mack Stadium, Shibe Park as a backdrop whils the card on the right I believe has Seals Stadium in San Francisco as a backdrop. There is a green tint version of every card in the second series (110-196) with the exception of card #159 and #190, which will be covered. More to come.