Mark 19 High-Velocity Prototype Suit (Tiger). Light in weight, is an extensive redesign of the Mark 10, has heavy flight stabilizers under it's feet and on it's torso. Designed for exploring manueverability potential the Mark 19 was unique in that it could maneuver through the air with little to no speed loss and could preform complex maneuvers at extreme speeds, and strengthened to resist high G-forces during combat. It has faster flight speed than the Mark 10, the Mark 19 can fly much faster and is estimated to be able to reach somewhere in between the Mach 2 and Mach 4, being the second fastest suit in Stark's arsenal. The armor has Thrusters equipped to it's back, along with Standard Repulsors and Unibeam, powered by the Vibranium ARC Reactor Mark 2, it is also the prototype to Mark 40.