~Name - JackelPaw Age - 30 moons Gender - Tom Cat Personality - He is sweet, charming, but is a smart cat. History - He was adopted by a great family, that lived in the bad bart of town. One day he woke up, to screams, and glass breaking, and than alarms, and police cars. He pulled his ears back, and hurried out of the house. He became a stray again, and used all of the skills he had. Hunting, Fighting, and everything else. He had already been through this, but he didnt want to see what happened to his owners. Why? Its because the family was in gangs, and he had experienced seeing the blood before. So yea. Than he came to find MayPaw, and trained her, and than they found this place. Now what? Looks - He is a white and black/grey cat, with scars in his eyes.~