Have fun indoors or outdoors with the slingshot and screaming Amazing Flying Monkey. The 11 inch long Amazing Flying Monkey can be launched like a slingshot by holding its stretchy arms, then pulling back the feet and tail. Screams and flies up to 50 feet! The hands have slots to fit children and adults with stretchy rubber tubes hidden in the arms that can launch the Flying Monkey up to 50 feet away. Point the monkey towards the sky, pull back the feet and tail then release for the monkey to fly off at high speed. By banging it's chest the Flying Monkey lets out a 'Tarzan' like screaming sound to add to the effect. The cute monkey is covered in soft brown fur (colour tone may vary) and wears a black cape and an eye mask. Remember not to aim the Flying Monkey at anyone's eyes or head. The Amazing Flying Monkey is a great gift for children, or even adults letting off steam in an office! Suitable for age 5 years and up. Size: Amazing Flying Monkey (approx) L 28cm. Amazing Flying Monkey batteries: Button battery included. China supplier: Email : fangzhengcn@hotmail.com Skype ID : chanceller819 http://chinagift.en.ecplaza.net