Dance Video featuring Claire Wayman -- The first piece shows an adagio featuring fondus. I choreographed this combination myself to show technique. This piece and the next three were taken in my dining room, so I had to contend with limited space. The second is a center combination of petit allegro, also choreographed by myself to show technique. In the third piece, I show technique with a short center ballet routine with tendues, en dedans and en dehors pirouettes. Since the floor was not a studio floor, it was slipperier than usual. The fourth piece shows me dancing the tap dance I choreographed for “A Year with Frog and Toad,” performed November 2008. It is entitled the “Underwater Tap Dance.” Originally I performed it with three other dancers, but here it is done as a solo. Notice the use of the swimming arms throughout. The fifth peice is a jazz dance performed at the Irondequoit Theater Guild’s summer camp recital in 2005. I am the tall dancer with black pants and a dark purple tank top with a ponytail. The final dance, “Winter’s on the Wing,” is from a live performance of “The Secret Garden,” March 2008. This is a piece I choreographed and it shows my effective use of limited space.