♥●.• O H A Y O !` ♥●.• ●.•[♥] In this draw, Is Yuri, Itachi[lol her sensei *----*], Yumi[Yuri sister..]Tamashi Sosuke[Yuri and Yumi father]Tamashi Mayumi[Yuri and Yumi mother xD]●.•[♥] ` ●.•[♥] About : ●.•[♥] Sensei[ I T A C H I ]`: ● Itachi had a covert mission in the village hidden in clouds, and He is sensei. And in he s team is: Tamashi Yuri.` .`Yuuta Kenjii.Tamaru Kiyoshi` TEAM 13 xDThey get along very well`Itachi catches feelings towards them..`And teaches several techniques. ●.•[♥]Tamashi Yumi: [ YURI SISTER] ●●.• She die`s at age 17...She was half man half vampire..was killed by vampire hunters` ♥Her parents Tamashi Sosuke [father]is pure vampire and her mom Tamashi Mayumi was just a onli women..`♥♥ But Yuri is Full Vampire like her father xDDD●.•[♥] ●.•[♥] Yumi was a happy and very cute person, She loved all people and she dreams was to be Sannin.`●.•[♥] ●.•[♥] She loves cookie ,Chocolate and apple x33.●.•[♥] ●.•[♥]Tamashi Sosuke: Sosuke father of two...He comes from a family of vampires`[ Both parents are vampires ]This is a good fighter he comes from rain village and know the woman of his dreams..Mayumi x3 Yuri and yumi mother...they love each other more`marry and form a great couple.^^●.•[♥] ●.•[♥] Tamashi Mayumi: Skitchibia MayumixDD Mayumi is a simple woman`...But sosuke it falls heavily`when it should have first child[Yumi] is about to die...that Yumi has a strong chakra at birth . But survives...and five years after a birth Yuri ^^ ●.•[♥]Mayumi and Sosuke die after a few months when leaf village help to the capture of nine tails.`Yuri then the area only five months..Her sister Yumi takes care of her until age 17 because Yumi died when a captured vampire hunters. Eheh that its all hope like ^--^!!!